Two men arrested for having sex, forced to pose naked for photos reportedly taken by police


Two men were arrested at a hotel in Ghana for having sex and forced to pose for naked photos by police.

The two men, aged 18 and 28, first checked into the hotel on Sunday evening, according to a local news outlet.

They reportedly told the receptionist that they wanted to "relax and freshen up" in their hotel room before traveling, but the employee barged in and caught them having sex after growing "suspicious" of the pair.

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Ghanan police were then called to the scene and took both of the men in for further investigation of their alleged homosexual acts.

A photo of the two men naked together has since gone viral, according to local reports. Locals speculate the photo was taken police in a bid to humiliate them publicly.

The Daily Guide published a photo of the two men when it reported on the story with the blunt title of, "Man bonks [high school] boy in hotel."

The outlet claims the older man "lured" the 18-year-old to the hotel for sex, despite contrary reports labelling the act as "consensual."

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"The man is a known gay activist, who lures young boys with money. He reportedly met the boy on Facebook and managed to lure him by offering juicy gifts to him," the Daily Guide reporter wrote.

Though Ghana has been regarded by many as one of Africa's more progressive and democratic nations, homosexual acts remain illegal and can lead to up to 3 year in jail.