These wild parrots are addicted to drugs

Polly no longer wants a cracker. She wants drugs.

Just like a modern day Wizard of Oz, parrots have been hittin' the poppy fields.

After a farmer in India slits his poppy pods to help them ripen, these birds swoop in, steal the pod and take them back to the trees where they get high and fall asleep.

Except it's really not cool or funny because these birds are actually stealing so much poppy pods that the government is getting mad at the farmers.

One opium farmer from Neemach, India estimates that the parrots steal about 10% of his crop.

He's now getting a warning from the government's narcotics department over his reduced crop and he's not the only farmer to get this warning.

Not only is it bad for the farmers, it's dangerous for the birds!

They're literally dying from falling out of trees and being picked off by predators.

The craziest part is that these birds are so smart they've learned how to steal the pods without making any noise. This makes it even harder for farmers to stop them.

They've tried everything: firecrackers, beating tin drums and even hurling stones. Nothing is keeping these parrots away from their fix.

The odd phenomena was first reported back in 2015, but now it's spread to other regions making it a big problem.

Who ever knew there would be a day that we would have to worry about parrots getting high? Maybe we should make them watch those old D.A.R.E videos.

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