Report: Over 275 people killed by police so far in 2017


The year is just under three months in, and one website reports they have tracked over 275 deaths at the hands of U.S. law enforcement.

The count stated on the website 'Killed By Police' is an unofficial one, and the deaths listed are a result of scouring the web for relevant reports.

In general, comprehensive sources for such information are very hard, if not impossible, to come by.

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"Currently, there is no government-kept database that tallies each fatal police encounter," notes Vocativ.

That is also true for the number of officers killed on duty, though the 'Officer Down Memorial Page' does attempt to keep a tally. It lists 29 deaths in 2017 thus far, nine of which are linked to gunfire, one to assault and two to vehicle pursuit.

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Meanwhile, specifics for police-related civilian deaths are available on 'Killed by Police' in the form of links to reports published by news outlets.

One of the examples, from Wisconsin's Wausau Daily Herald, describes an incident that occurred on March 2; it was the area's 5th officer-involved shooting in under a year and the second fatal encounter in just four days.

According to police, the most recent case involved the death of an armed man who was holding a hostage. The fatal shooting just days prior was reported as a return of fire.