New 'TIME' cover has an ominous story behind it

TIME's latest cover is turning heads -- and it's actually an homage to one of the magazine's most well-known covers.

President Donald Trump was interviewed about "truth and falsehood in his career" for the cover story.

The magazine revealed the cover on Thursday, which reads "Is Truth Dead?" in red font atop a black background.

The typography is a reference to the magazine's "Is God Dead?" cover published on April 8, 1966, and it turned heads with its bold message. Also, it was the first ever TIME cover without an image.

"Half a century later, I suspect that about as many would say they believe in Truth, and yet we find ourselves having an intense debate over its role and power in the face of a President who treats it like a toy," editor Nancy Gibbs wrote in her explanation of the new cover.

The bold choice has sparked quite a bit of controversy on Twitter:

New 'TIME' cover has an ominous story behind it
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New 'TIME' cover has an ominous story behind it
@TIME No, truth is not dead just under assault. Don't worry, we're defending it. #RESISTANCE
lets ask an expert @TIME
.@TIME hey remember when you guys sold out your decades-old legacy & journalistic integrity to follow new media clickbait trends?
@TIME Just hiding. Where are Muldur and Scully?
@TIME No. It's not. There will always be a fundamental difference between beliefs and fact.
@TIME God is alive and real. There is only perfection in the universe and it is by divine right. "Truth" is a human construct.
@TIME How can truth be dead? The Lies are born, but truth never dies.

Despite Trump's claims that the media are producing "fake news" about him, various publications have fired back with creative covers, and a general refusal to stop publishing the news he deems "fake."

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