Here are all of the weirdest NCAA traditions

As the NCAA men's basketball tournament progresses, a team will soon earn the National Championship title and its fans will throw the biggest party of the year.

Massive celebrations extend far basketball, though. We dug up some of the weirdest traditions fans have when it comes to showing off their school pride.

1. Fish throwing (University of New Hampshire)

A man named Travis Sawayer, appropriately dubbed "the fish man," attends many hockey games at the Whittemore Center in the same section. After the home team's first goal, he throws a fish onto the rink. The same man usually cleans it up. It's a beautiful balance.

2. Calling the hogs (University of Arkansas)

This is what it sounds like, and what it sounds like can inspire fear in the hearts of any nearby northerner. Honestly, you should just watch the video.

3. Gator chomp (University of Florida)

Speaking of mocking animals, Florida devotees will pretend to be one of their most prized exports — alligators. Fans stretch out their arms and clamp them together just like the scaly beasts, both at sporting events and whenever they run into each other in public.

4. Silent Night (Taylor University)

During the small college's first home basketball game, the crowd remains completely silent from the opening tip till the home team's first point. Then, fans erupt in cheers, sometimes storming the court and celebrating aggressively for several minutes.

5. TP-ing the Quad (Wake Forest University)

Every time Wake Forest's teams win big games, fans cover the beautiful campus in toilet paper.

6. Tossing toast (University of Pennsylvania)

Once a football game reaches its third quarter, Penn students sing the charming song, "Drink a Highball." After the line "Here's a toast to dear old Penn," they throw toast on the field. A "toast Zamboni" then picks it up.

7. Flagpole kicking (University of Southern California)

A simple USC tradition requires students to kick the bottom of flagpoles on their way to L.A. Coliseum. It's a very gentle ritual, but it's also really weird to have to explain to people.

8. Sod cemetery (Florida State University)

If you should dare to lose to FSU in a game, their fans will literally steal the grass of your field. They pluck sod from their enemy's territory after away game victories and plant it in a "cemetery" back home.

9. Krzyzewskiville (Duke University)

30 years of camping at Krzyzewskiville for a chance at good seats for Duke-UNC
30 years of camping at Krzyzewskiville for a chance at good seats for Duke-UNC

Photo: Getty

It's hard to find more rabid fans than the Cameron Crazies. Undergraduate students wishing to gain access to "tenting games" camp out for days before games. The brave bunch who remain are admitted from the line an hour and a half before each game.

10. Toilet Paper Game (John Brown University)

At the first men's basketball home game of the year, fans come armed with rolls of toilet paper. Once the team scores, they hurt the rolls onto the court. Every single year, they get a technical foul. And it's the best technical foul of the year every single time.

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