Anti-Trump tweet posted from Transportation Secretary's account: 'SUE HIS VERY SOUL'


Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn't mince words when it comes to criticizing President Trump. On Tuesday, she tweeted, "Get ready for impeachment."

One of the supportive reactions to her tweet came from a surprising source – Trump's Transportation Secretary.

The response from Elaine Chao's account read, "SUE HIS VERY SOUL MAXINE!!!"

In no time, the Twitter exchange went viral and the Transportation Department released a statement explaining what had happened.

The Hill's Melanie Zanona posted the department's response, which read, "The tweet was posted by an employee with access to the account. The employee took action outside of his scope of work and duties and without any approvals. We are taking appropriate action. We regret that this transpired and have taken steps to prevent any future occurrence. "

The tweet has since been removed from Chao's account.

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