An 18-year-old US-Israeli citizen is allegedly behind most of the Jewish community bomb threats

An 18-year-old man has been arrested in Israel over a series of bomb threats made to Jewish community centers worldwide over a six month period, according to The Jerusalem Post.

A US-Israeli citizen, the suspect is reportedly responsible for bomb and other threats across the US, as well as in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. He is a Jewish Israeli, the Associated Press reports.

"Sources indicate that most of the cases of threats against Jewish communities and organizations, though not all, led investigators back to Israel," The Jerusalem Post reports.

It seems the suspect was born outside of the country, as The Jerusalem Post article notes he "made aliya" — a term used to describe someone who moved to Israel. The newspaper reports he "is not in the IDF, not ultra-Orthodox ... and possibly has psychological and social problems."

Israel reportedly intends to indict the 18-year-old in the country's courts and, according to The Jerusalem Post, it's unknown whether the US or other countries will look to extradite the suspect. The investigation was led by Israel with the help of the FBI and police from other countries, according to the AP.