White House responds to questions about Ivanka Trump getting a White House office

News that Ivanka Trump will be getting an office in the West Wing while taking no salary, having no formal position, and apparently being under no obligation to abide by ethics rules caused many a great deal of concern, notes the Washington Post.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended the arrangement during a press briefing on Wednesday.

He said, "Ivanka has decided to go above and beyond and act in certain ways to ensure that she complies with certain rules – by maintaining the federal records act, getting a security clearance so that if she is privy to any information that is classified, she has to abide by the same rules and regulations in terms of being in a room and how it is handled..."

Spicer also noted that when her father, who was president-elect at the time, denied reports that his children were seeking security clearances, "At the time it was not true, I mean, she wasn't obtaining a security clearance so it was not accurate then...we addressed it during the transition."

As for what Ivanka will be doing in her new role, Jamie Gorelick, an attorney for the first daughter, told NPR that she will, "continue to be the eyes and ears of her father and provide candid advice as she has for her entire adult life. She is intending to spend some time on initiatives that she cares about, particularly with regard to women in the workplace."