11-year-old girl left in agony after prescribed shampoo burns and melts hair

A child was left in "agony" after using a dry scalp shampoo at a salon.

11-year-old Elisha Dixon, from England, was prescribed Dermal's Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo after complaining of a dry scalp. As soon as she started using it, however, she said her head was burning.

Not only that, but when Dixon's mother, Sarah, tried to wash it off, they both found that her hair had "fused" together.

Dixon's father, Anthony, was outraged. "Her hair completely fused together. I have never seen anything like it," he told The Sun.

See devastating photos of Dixon's hair

"I find it appalling that Dermal don't have any kind of warning on the packet that this could cause certain side affects and even our own doctor failed to warn us," he continued. "If we knew this could have happened to Elisha, the shampoo would have never touched her."

Apparently, Anthony called the shampoo company to no avail. When he called a doctor, he said "[the doctor] literally told me to google it."

Dixon's parents tried to take her to different hairdressers to help salvage her hair -- but unfortunately, they couldn't do anything. Dixon had to cut her 21-inch long hair down to three or four inches.