You can rent a room in Alexander Hamilton's old building

By Keri Lumm, Buzz60

Alexander Hamilton was an influential man; Father of the American Financial System, mascot for the $10 dollar bill and, over 200 years later, inspiration for everyone's favorite musical.

Hamilton lives on and now you can live in the same New York City walk up as this American hero.

There is a studio apartment available that boasts one bathroom and large windows.

Even better than having a whole place to yourself will be the knowledge that you will sleep in a legendary landmarked building on Jane Street in the West Village.

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This home can be yours for only $2,450 a month.

Paying with 245 Hamilton's instead of a check is optional, but should probably be done at least once in his honor.

There is also a one bedroom apartment available in the same building, but the addition of a bedroom ups the rent by a thousand dollars.

The home is near the Hudson river, but I wouldn't recommend crossing the river if someone offers to fight you in a duel.

That's where the good vibes from Alexander Hamilton probably stop.