Video emerges of suspect in Patriots locker room linked to Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey

The case of Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey took a bizarre turn on Monday when the NFL confirmed that the jersey, along with a second Brady jersey from Super Bowl 49, had been found in the possession of a "credentialed member of the international media."

The jerseys — with the Super Bowl 51 jersey valued at $500,000 — were recovered as part of an investigation involving the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported that the jersey was recovered in Mexico.

Now Fox Sports 1 has obtained video showing who they say is the suspect in the case. That footage was aired on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd."

The suspect can be seen entering the Patriots' locker room after Super Bowl 51, carrying a bag on one shoulder just a few people behind Bill Belichick. Later, he is seen leaving the locker room with something under his left arm.

"We're not saying that's who did it," Glazer said. "But that is absolutely a video and a suspect that they have zoned in on."

While we don't know how long the suspect was in the locker room, as he is is leaving, players can be seen still entering the locker room. The suggestion is that he was not in the locker room very long.

Glazer also reported that the suspect may not be an actual media member, and may also be a suspect in the disappearance of Von Miller's helmet and/or cleats after the Broncos' Super Bowl 50 victory.

Glazer also suggested that this was possibly a premeditated crime as opposed to a crime of opportunity committed by a media member who just happened to stumble upon the jersey.

"I don't believe he's actually a member of the media, but he was posing as a member of the international media," Glazer said on Fox Sports 1.

You can see Glazer and Colin Cowherd discuss the video here:

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