TSA, DHS will bar electronic devices on some overseas flights

TSA, DHS will bar electronic devices on some overseas flights

On Tuesday the TSA and DHS will announce temporary restrictions on the type of electronic devices that can be carried on-board certain flights from some overseas airports to the U.S.

The restrictions, a federal official said, are an adjustment based on threat intelligence.

Royal Jordanian airlines "jumped the gun," one official said, with an advisory Monday to passengers. Another federal official said the restrictions will not be exactly as that airline laid them out. But the new temporary rules will restrict some devices to checked bags only.

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The restrictions will not apply to U.S.-based airlines but only to foreign carriers that operate flights from certain countries directly to U.S. airports, according to officials, and will not apply on purely domestic flights.

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Such changes are made periodically in response to threat intelligence, and laptop computers have long been the source of concern. The officials declined to be specific about the nature of the threat, the exact terms of the restrictions, or how long the modifications would be in effect.

Royal Jordanian Airlines told passengers on flights to and from the U.S. Monday that because of a directive from the U.S. government, no laptops and other electronic devices could be brought into the cabin of a plane.

In messages posted on both Twitter and Facebook and now deleted, the international carrier said cellphones and electronic devices needed for medical reasons could be carried on-board, but everything else had to be stowed in checked baggage "following instructions from the concerned U.S. departments."

The airline said the directive would take effect Tuesday, and applied to flights to and from New York, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal.

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