Sarah Palin says Trump should get rid of Comey due to Clinton ties


On Monday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed there are ongoing investigations into potential ties between Russia and people involved with the Trump Campaign, reports the New York Times.

The next day, Sarah Palin wrote on Facebook, "The swamp runs deep. Where are Congressional 'investigators' on this conflict of interest issue? Why aren't dots more clearly connected by those in authority, those privy to information that we peasants are not? Why is tainted Comey still part of Team Trump? How long does he get to ride the train?"

Included was a link to an article originally published by Breitbart.

It asserts that Comey has a connection with the Clinton Foundation due to his involvements with organizations that either donated to or worked with the group, but failed to disclose it during the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

Notably, there are many people who believe it was Comey's pre-election announcement of a renewed interest in the Clinton email matter that cost her the election.