Mike Huckabee is trying really hard to become a political comedian


Mike Huckabee has been firing off quite a few tweets recently.

The former governor of Arkansas and noted bass guitarist posted a joke that had the internet up in arms on Tuesday:

The violence the tweet implies reminded a few social media users of a story about how Huckabee's son, David, once allegedly killed a dog at Boy Scout camp.

Huckabee's "Poop Dog" tweet from Friday elicited similar reactions, for more obvious reasons:

Huckabee has been sharing his humorous political commentary on Twitter for quite some time now -- it started when he suspended his presidential campaign on Feb. 1, 2016.

Hillary Clinton is one of his favorite targets:

Actually, no opposing politician can escape the heat:

Sorry, Russia! You're not safe from the silliness either:

Think he won't make a joke about you because you're not a politician? Think again:

He likes Lady Gaga, though:

Even though he isn't holding elected office right now, he still has quite a few hot takes about policy decisions:

And of course, he loves meat:

Like it or not, Huckabee is going to keep firing off political puns:

Read more of his tweets: