Video captures chaotic fight inside Indianapolis pizza restaurant

INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) -- Two teenagers are facing criminal charges after a large fight broke out at a south side Indianapolis restaurant over the weekend.

The fight broke out Saturday night at Cicis Pizza, 3652 S. East St. Witnesses are now sharing video of the fight, where tables and chairs were used as weapons.

According to police reports, the brawl started when one woman accused another woman of cutting in line.

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Fight inside pizza restaurant
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Fight inside pizza restaurant

One witness says the fight would have never happened had some of the adults in the store not acted like children.

"It was crazy. It was very scary," said witness Niesha McKinley.

In addition to chairs being tossed, McKinley says the combatants grabbed everything they could find to use as weapons.

"One chick pulled the pizza pan off the buffet, dropped the pizza and smacked somebody with the pan. I was thinking they are going crazy," said McKinley.

During the melee, one man tried to hit a woman from behind.

McKinley huddled in the corner, but an 8-year-old she had with her got injured in the fight.

"All hell broke loose. They didn't care what they hit each other with," said McKinley.

After the brawl spilled into the parking lot, police arrived and arrested 18-year-old Deshun Mumford as well as a 15-year-old boy. McKinley thinks more people should have been arrested.

"Everybody involved got a lick in on this. Nobody is blameless," said McKinley.

Back in February, a different group of teens became unruly outside of a downtown restaurant. Police arrested the same suspect, Deshun Mumford, for taking part in that disturbance as well.

According to court records, after being tased by police, Mumford repeatedly threatened one officer telling him, "He was gonna find out where he lived and kill his wife and kids."

While most people ignored calls for calm during the fight at CiCi's, McKinley says adults need to learn how to act like adults.

"This is not how behave. Seriously. How do you lose all control?" said McKinley. "This is a grade school mentality from a bunch of adults."

Mumford had an initial hearing set for Tuesday morning in Marion County court, but he failed to show up and a warrant was issued for his arrest

That warrant was later recalled.

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