College student's boyfriend charged with her murder a month after her body is found


A month after a missing college student's remains were found in Texas, the man she was dating has been charged with her murder, police said.

Zuzu Verk, a 22-year-old student Sul Ross State University in Alpine, went missing on Oct. 12 and her body was found in a shallow grave in the wilderness near Alpine on February 3.

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Robert Fabian, 22, was the last person to see her, according to authorities. Neighbors told police they heard Fabian and Verk argue at his Alpine apartment late evening on October 11.

According to reports, Fabian initially told police that the couple had a romantic night planned but that it ended with Verk leaving after an argument. He claimed that was the last time her saw her.

Police, however, said that his story changed after being questioned and that he acted suspiciously in the days following Verk's disappearance.

Search warrants found that Fabian called his friend, Chris Estrada, twice during the early morning of October 12 and later borrowed a Ford F-150 pickup for an unknown reason, according to reports.

Police said that Estrada told them that he drove Fabian to a store on the evening of October 12, and let the him use his card to buy three plastic drop cloths.

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Those drop cloths are similar to the ones wrapped around Verk's remains when they were found, police said.

Fabian is charged with murder and his bond is set at $750,000.

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