A California school bans tag, but that's not the oddest thing to be banned in a school

By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

Schools ban weapons, peanuts and costumes to keep kids safe -- but one school in Folsom California is taking it a step further and banning tag. You know, that game every child in all of America has played at least once in their life?

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School Principal of Gold Ridge Elementary sent out a message banning games with physical contact -- including tag and touch football.

While this might sound silly, a school district spokesperson told the local TV station that this stems from a few kids getting too rough while playing. He also noted that it's normal for schools to add rules when they need to address certain student's behavior issues.

This isn't the first time tag has been banned. Back in 2015, a school district in Washington made headlines for also banning the game.

But much weirder things have been banned before in schools, like in Tennessee where a bill banned hand-holding in schools, calling it a 'gateway sexual activity,'

A school in the UK banned having best friends.

And a Pennsylvania middle school banned UGG Boots -- because kids were hiding their cell phone in them.