This religion is the world's fastest growing faith

Religion is sacred, personal and, if the saying 'there's strength in numbers' holds true, powerful.

While Christianity is the world's largest religion, it's not growing as fast as Islam.

A Pew Research Center Study shows that 10% of all Europeans could be members of the Muslim faith by 2050.

In fact, Islam is growing so fast that it may surpass Christianity as the world's largest religion by the end of the decade.

Although Islam is the fastest growing religion, it isn't the only religion that is expected to rise in numbers.

While Islam is expected to grow 73% by 2050, Christians are at 35% and Hindus at 34%.

What's the reason for all this growth? CNN reports that, for starters, Muslim women have more children than women of other faiths.

Despite President Trump's travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries, Americans have a warmer view towards Muslims than they did in 2014, according to an annual survey by Pew.

However, the view is split by political party.

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