'The Alabama Leprechaun' is the greatest viral story of all time

Every day, hundreds of news stories may pass through your screen -- but one particularly strange story from 2006 has stood the test of time.

Residents of a neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama, claimed that a leprechaun was among them, and a local news team was obligated to investigate.

The journalists struggled to stay serious as locals explained their theories about the sighting.

"To me, it look like a leprechaun to me. All you gotta do is look up in the tree. Who all seen the Leprechaun, say yeah!" said one resident with a shining gold tooth.

After that moment, a sketch of the alleged visitor is unveiled with a caption that is the understatement of the century -- "amateur sketch."

Photo: YouTube

After that legendary photo, another resident says, "It could be a crack head that got hold to the wrong stuff, and it told him to get up in a tree and play a Leprechaun."

Not satisfied with that possibility, the news crew goes after an "amateur Leprechaun hunter" who has a "special Leprechaun flute" (it's a piece of metal pipe.)

Finally, we have the finale. One resident realized that maybe having a Leprechaun in the midst of this neighborhood isn't so bad.

"Where da gold at," he says. Where there's a jolly little green man, there's a pot of gold for all to share.