Donald Trump supporters are now boycotting this state


The list of things Trump supporters are protesting is getting really long.

You can't go to Hamilton. You can't drink Budweiser, and just to be safe you should probably stay away from Kristen Stewart. But now one more thing has joined the boycott list, the state of Hawaii.

The latest boycott comes after a Hawaii Federal judge blocked President Trump's latest travel ban. People took to social media to prove just how serious they are about this boycott.

They wrote things like, "Haven't been to Hawaii in years and now will now go again" - others suggested new vacation spots - and some just vowed not to go. One tweeted, "Some seemed excited to take advantage of the boycott to score a cheaper vacay - while other seemed - well unaffected."

But if Hawaii is out as a vacation spot, there's always Mar-a-lago.

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