Viral images show bald eagle pair protecting eggs during winter storm

Two bald eagles in Washington, D.C. received extra attention earlier this week when they were spotted huddling over their eggs during the area's snowstorm, reports WTOP.

According to the American Eagle Foundation's website, the birds, named Mr. President and The First Lady, set up a nest in a tree on the U.S. National Arboretum grounds in 2014, and last month, staff members spotted two eggs being incubated.

The nest is equipped with an HD camera which allowed the Arboretum and other viewers to see that the mother protected her eggs from the cold weather Monday night through Tuesday morning and the father joined in periodically.

Wildlife biologist Dan Rauch told the Washington Post that despite the inclement weather, the brood is likely not in danger; he said, "I wouldn't want to be up there, but she can handle it."

The chicks are expected to emerge later this month.

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