Humanoid robots help improve nursing home patient's quality of life


There comes a time in every person's life when they must make difficult decisions regarding their elderly loved ones. Depending on the family member's needs, sometimes a full-time care facility is the best option, even if it isn't the most desirable.

Unfortunately, for some residents extended family isn't always as close as they'd like them to be. A nursing home in Natori Japan is incorporating revolutionary technology as part of their patient care. With the help of a strange toddler-sized robot, 'Telenoid', loved ones can now communicate with their family over hundreds of thousands of miles away. When in use, the Telenoid will capture the person's voice and movements using a microphone and camera while simultaneously replicating the actions for the person in possession of the robot.

It is incredibly clear from the photos above that this technology is bringing great joy to these aging patient's lives. The staff has reported an uptick in activity and positive communication when working with the Telenoids, especially among those with dementia.

The use of this technology is still relatively new and will hopefully continue to help improve the quality of life in elderly care facilities worldwide. At this time the Urayasu nursing home is the only adult care institution in the world utilizing this technology.

Currently, using a Telenoid is quite the investment. To purchase one outright will cost you $8,700 USD (1,000,000 JPY) or they can be rented for a monthly fee of $435 USD (50,000 JPY).