Budweiser announces plan to make unprecedented move on Mars

By: Susana Victoria Perez, Buzz60

Budweiser wants to get some astronauts tipsy. Hopefully when they're off duty!

The beer giant company wants to be the lager you think of when you're on Mars and you want a cold one.

Bud announced plans to be the first beer on the red planet during a panel at South by Southwest in Texas this weekend.

With retired astronaut Clay Anderson, Ricardo Marques, VP of Budweiser and, of course, actress Kate Mara who was in 'The Martian,' the company presented what are the challenges they face to make their beer dreams come true.

For example, astronauts lose their sense of taste because their tongues swell up in space. There also won't be that crisp sound when you crack open a bud because of the zero pressure.

Budweiser is still very determined and serious about this small step for carbonation, a huge leap for beer bellies everywhere.

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