Trump slams court blocking 'watered-down' travel ban

President Donald Trump railed against what he called an "unprecedented judicial overreach" by a federal judge in Hawaii who on Wednesday, put a temporary nationwide halt on his revamped travel ban.

"Let me give you the bad news," said Trump during a campaign rally in Nashville, Tennessee. "A judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming into our country from certain countries."

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"The order he blocked was a watered-down version of the first order," Trump continued. The president then said the new order was tailored made to the "dictates of the 9th circuit court."

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"This is an unprecedented judicial overreach." Trump continued, arguing that the Constitution gives the president the power to suspend immigration when he deems it to be in the national interest.

Trump stated that he plans to take the case as far as necessary including "all the way to the Supreme Court."

"And we're going to win."

The president also made it clear he prefers the original travel ban executive order. "I think we ought to go back to the first [ban], and go all the way," he added. "That's what I wanted to do in the first place."

Trump hinted that he believes the judge was acting out of "political reasons" and said the court holding up his executive order makes the country "look weak."

"Which by the way we no longer are," said Trump.