Cobra on the loose in Ocala, Florida

Cobras are known for their abilities to levy swift strikes, inject fatal venom, and, for some, serve as satisfying house pets.

Unfortunately, those living indoors don't always stay put.

Florida wildlife authorities recently alerted Ocala residents that, on Monday, one pet cobra found its way to the outdoors and is still on the loose, reports Fox News.

Those who encounter the snake, which is described as being about 2-feet long with "distinctive multicolor markings," are advised to resist the urge to engage with it in any way.

After the deadly snake was declared missing, someone established a Twitter account with the name Ocala Cobra.

Tweets thus far include, "Honestly, I just wanted to stretch my legs, but now I'm lost and want to go home," and "If you see me, please don't run up and take my photo or try to grab me. I like my personal space."