Little girl writes stern note to house thief

A burglar terrorized one Florida home, but a resident isn't going to let him off easy.

8-year-old Wendy Chay-Son penned a note for the robbers after they stole $3,500 worth of jewelry, electronics and shoes from their Lake Worth residence.

It happened last month while Wendy's mother, Alberthina Son, was taking her to school and her husband was at work. Son, who is pregnant, was reportedly gone for 10 minutes. Other details about the burglar are not known.

"This is for the robbers," Chay-son's note said. "Please do not steal in this house. There are good kids and people in this house. We are people who do not steal. We are sad that you have been stealing in this house."

Credit: GoFundMe

"I wrote that letter so they could change and don't steal in anybody's house," Chay-son told local news outlet WPBF.

Loved ones of the family organized a GoFundMe to help raise $3,500 to replace the stolen items. As of Tuesday, they are just shy of their goal at $3,100.

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