Girl Scouts dress as influential women for Women's History Month

In time for Women's History Month, the Girl Scouts of the USA invited a few of its members to participate in a photoshoot that transformed each little girl into one of history's most influential women.

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From Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel to space, to Whoopi Goldberg, the iconic comedian and actress, the series includes women who found significant success in their respective industries.

The Girl Scouts of the USA isn't the first to imagine young girls as influential women of the past.

In February, photographer Cristi Smith-Jones imagined her daughter Lola as iconic black women, from musician and activist Nina Simone to author Toni Morrison.

For the Girl Scouts series, the organization worked with photographer Tricia Messeroux, founder of Toddlewood, a studio specializes in transforming little kids into their favorite grown-up celebrities.

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