Democrats prepared to challenge Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

In the weeks since Neil Gorsuch was nominated to serve as a justice of the Supreme Court, it hasn't appeared that Democrats are putting up much of a fight, notes Politico.

Appearances can often be wrong, and in this case, they were.

With the confirmation hearing beginning in just a week, Democratic politicians and organizations are mounting a case against Gorsuch, according to The Hill.

At large, arguments against his confirmation are pinned to his alleged history of making decisions that favor the rich and powerful.

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Senator Patty Murray of Washington said recently, "I am very concerned that, should he end up on the court, he would side with conservative justices in continuing to undermine workers' protections, safety and ability to organize."

Winnie Stachelberg, external affairs executive vice president for the Center for American Progress, commented, "The broad question presented by this nomination is: Will we allow the court to become a full-fledged promoter of pro-corporate, anti-consumer, anti-worker, anti-small-business, anti-middle-class agenda for decades?"

There are also some Democrats reluctant to disregard history, notes the New York Times.

In response to Mitch McConnell assertion that the party should show, "the same fair consideration we showed to all four of the Supreme Court nominees of Presidents Obama and Clinton after they were first elected," Dick Durbin of Illinois noted, "He left out one year: last year."

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