Wild moose chases skiers down the slopes: 'Who knew they were so fast?'


Skiers and snowboarders in Colorado's Breckenridge Ski Resort encountered an unexpected hazard on the slopes Friday when a wild moose began galloping down the run.

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"Oh my God, I don't know where to go," snowboarder Cheri Luther could be heard screaming as she captured video of the animal rushing toward her.

Luther wrote on Instagram that she had turned to check whether her friend was behind her when she noticed the moose coming quickly down the run. She continued on her board when she noticed there were no trees she could hide behind, and was able to eventually veer out of the animal's path.

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No one was hurt from the encounter, and resort officials said it was a good reminder the mountain is shared with local wildlife, APTN reported.

"[They're] such amazing creatures, and who knew they were that fast?" she wrote.

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