Mark Cuban says Donald Trump is the 'Zoolander president'

Billionaire Mark Cuban spoke at Austin's South by Southwest Festival on Sunday and addressed a number of topics.

Among them was President Trump.

Cuban called him the 'Zoolander president,' referencing Ben Stiller's self-obsessed, vapid, and intellectually dull male model character, reports CNBC.

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In regards to the president's ability to prepare the nation for a successful future, Cuban expressed doubts.

Pointing out Trump's apparent lack of technological savvy, he quipped, "Just think how efficient he could be if he learned how to use a search engine."

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He also stressed that a leader must understand technology, particularly automation and artificial intelligence, commenting, "there's somebody who's going to have to run who looks forward instead of acts like it's 1975."

Cuban did not rule out being that person.

"Despite initially [supporting] Trump's candidacy in 2015 and declaring he would consider serving as his vice president, Cuban later became one of his most outspoken critics, calling the Republican a 'superstar liar' and an 'immediate danger' to national security," notes Fortune.

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