Radioactive boars invade parts of Fukushima

The Japanese government is planning to reopen towns like Namie and Tomioka that were evacuated after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, but one challenge has been the invasion of radioactive boars in those deserted areas.

The Washington Post reported last April that more than 13,000 boars had been hunted, but their numbers were still increasing since they lack natural predators around Fukushima; by that point, they had caused more than $900,000 in local agricultural damage.

Click through images of the radioactive boars here:

There have also been lingering concerns about the animals possibly attacking people who have decided to return.

The boars have shown occasional aggression to humans in the past, and some of them have been found to carry 300 times the acceptable level of radioactivity, notes the New York Times.

Surveys reportedly indicated that half the population of Namie has expressed an interest in returning, though many others have said they plan on staying away due to radiation fears.

Officials hope that hired hunters will help to reduce the number of boars in the area.