Mozzarella sticks receipt went viral for hilarious reason

When we have a bad day, we may go to comfort food to make us feel better. One person definitely took that approach -- and the result is hilarious.

An anonymous customer at Fresco's Fish and Chips in Toronto didn't hesitate to order three orders of mozzarella sticks when they realized they were back on the menu. How do we know? Well, they said so on their receipt.

Credit: Reddit

On the receipt was three orders of mozzarella sticks, one order of deep fried pickles, Diet Coke, and slaw. "Yes, I mean to order 3 mozzarella sticks," they wrote. "Please don't judge me. Im [sic] having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu."

The receipt was shared on Reddit and it went viral, getting over 25,000 upvotes -- probably because we all can relate.

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