Motorcycle gets towed with the driver still on it

Police in North India can apparently be pretty hardcore considering they had a motorcycle towed while the driver was still on it!

The bike was reportedly parked illegally, but the 30-year-old driver had no intention of paying his ticket or letting his ride get away.

When he refused to pay, the cops seized the bike, but this dude still wasn't giving up that easily.

He jumped back on the bike, which was hanging from a chain off the back of the truck and went for a little joy ride.

The act looks about as safe as your average tire swing.

The tow truck driver either didn't notice the guy on the back or didn't care because he left him dangling there as he drove full speed ahead to his destination.

While the man's chutzpah is admirable, the strategy isn't a great plan for getting your motorcycle back.

Unless the cops are secretly work-shopping an extreme reboot of Repo Games and aren't really worried about the contestants, you know, surviving.

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