Donald Trump's White House bubble presidency explained

Looking for President Donald Trump to mingle with the people and kiss some babies? It might be a while before that happens.

For the past 50 days of his presidency, Trump has either confined himself to the White House or his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

Trump has only dined out once, and that was at his Trump Hotel in Washington.

The Washingtonian reports Barack Obama and his wife Michelle visited at least 80 D.C. restaurants during his presidency. Trump on the other hand seems to use Twitter and cable news to get an idea of how the nation feels.

The only big diversions from his routine so far have been to visit a Florida elementary school, tour a Boeing plant, and give a campaign-style speech to his supporters.

Trump's reclusive lifestyle is nothing new. After all, before becoming president his office and home were mere floors apart in Trump Tower, and on the campaign trail he would famously fly back to New York to sleep in his own bed.

The president is expected to keep up that tradition for his upcoming appearances later this month when he is expected to make more large-scale speeches, including one in Nashville in late March.