WikiLeaks data dump likely came from contractors

By Nathan Rousseau Smith, Buzz60

In the wake of WikiLeaks' massive document dump belonging to the CIA, Washington is scrambling to figure out the source.

U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials tell Reuters that contractors are likely to blame for the "Vault 7" leak.

Edward Snowden was also a contractor when he revealed data-gathering secrets from the NSA.

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CNN reports the FBI and CIA have launched a joint investigation into the cause of the leaks.

Reuters, quoting two officials, reports the CIA had been aware of the breach since late last year and are looking into who would've had access to the documents.

The documents, which the CIA have declined to verify as authentic, detail the agency's spying tactics by way of hacking smartphones, smart TV's, computers and perhaps even cars.

FBI director James Comey hasn't commented on the latest from WikiLeaks, but President Trump is reportedly "extremely concerned."

A CIA spokeswoman said WikiLeaks disclosure "equip[s] our adversaries with tools and information to do us harm," adding that the CIA is legally prohibited from spying within the U.S.

WikiLeaks says the CIA documents it's released are just the tip of the iceberg, claiming they've only published 1% of their trove on the organization.

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