Video of apparent 8-legged pig disgusts the entire internet

A video shared on Facebook has shocked the internet -- and has amassed over nine million views in a matter of hours.

Jesse Garcia, a hunter in East Texas, couldn't resist sharing his latest, disturbing kill: an eight-legged pig. Warning, you may find the photo and video disturbing.

See photos of the pig

"It's hard to want to hunt at night knowing you have work in the mornin' but tonight was definitely something not only to remember but to experience as well," Garcia wrote. "Can't get much better when you catch a good size sow and a 1 headed, 2 bodied, 8 legged pig!"

After killing a wild sow in Garrison, Texas, Garcia and his hunting mates noticed it was pregnant. One piglet appeared to be a "conjoined twin" of sorts, with one head and two bodies.

"It was something to experience, and there was a blessing to it," Garcia told Dallas News. "I got some rude comments, but they weren't raised the way we were."

Garcia told Dallas News that he has received several offers for the piglet corpse. "For the right amount of money, anything's for sale," Garcia said. "We've never seen anything like it."

For now, the piglet is in his freezer.