Melania Trump's more popular than the president

By Josh King, Buzz60

Whatever your opinion may be about President Trump, it appears that Americans are growing to love the First Lady, Melania Trump.

A new CNN/ORC poll shows Melania is more popular than her husband with her approval rating shooting up by 16 points since inauguration, from 36 to 52. President Trump's is at 45 percent.

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This time a year ago Melania Trump's favorable rating was only 24% with 23% not even knowing who she was.

While the uptick may be the result of undecided Americans finally forming an opinion of their First Lady, the approval differs along party lines.

86% of Republicans have a favorable view of the first lady while only 22% of Democrats feel the same way.

This compared to Michelle Obama's first year as FLOTUS which saw her favorability at 93% by Democrats and 50% by Republicans.

Melania has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since the inauguration, but did host a luncheon at the White House for International Women's Day.