Father shares heartbreaking photos of daughter who hung herself due to bullying


Adrian Derbyshire, a father and Paralympian from Warrington, England, took to Facebook on Wednesday to share devastating photos of his daughter, Julia, who would have turned 18 years old on March 8, 2017.

Julia tragically died while in intensive care on October 19, 2015 -- eight days after she attempted to hang herself in her family home on the 11th, in direct response to being cyber bullied.

According to Warrington Worldwide, Derbyshire was aware his daughter had suffered years of abuse after moving to America for school, but was under the impression things had gotten better after he brought her back home to England.

But unknown to her father, Julia had been visiting online forums, which promoted teenage self-harming and suicide, under a secret name until she ultimately made the decision to take her own life.

Derbyshire said that he took the photos of his beloved child right before making the impossible decision to take her off life support .

"It will be the first time I've looked at the picture since taking them which is going to destroy me," he wrote in a Facebook post prefacing the photos. "But I feel we need to do this to raise vital awareness so no one has to go through what we've all had to endure."

Since they were posted, Derbyshire's photos have received an outpouring of support from kind commenters around the globe.

Derbyshire says he shared the devastating photos as part of The Julia Derbyshire Campaign, which he set up in his daughter's memory.

The campaign uses the hashtag #SASSY (Support Against Self-harm And Suicide) to spread awareness and visibility.

"This will be difficult but I want you all to share this post," the bereaved father wrote. "AWARENESS is the only way I know to support others and after reading this they may seek help and support."