Reporters have Andrea Mitchell's back after Bill O'Reilly calls her 'unruly'

Andrea Mitchell fans have come to the longtime MSNBC reporter's defense after Bill O'Reilly slammed her behavior as "unruly."

O'Reilly's comment came after Mitchell shouted questions at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during a photo op with Ukranian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkinon on Tuesday. Mitchell's attempted to ask Tillerson about Chinese threats of retaliation for the anti-missile defenses in South Korea, but was shuffled out of the room.

"Still no answers from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson," she said on air during "Andrea Mitchell Reports" on Tuesday.

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O'Reilly shared video of the moment on Twitter with the caption: "Unruly Andrea Mitchell escorted from press conf." The description of the video on his website goes even further: "The NBC News host shouts question after question at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, then seems proud as a peacock at her display."

Other reporters have since come to Mitchell's defense, pointing out that posing questions to government officials is her job. And Tillerson has yet to answer any of the media's questions since being confirmed last month.

"Unruly? No. She was trying to ask questions — as any good reporter should. And I'm proud to call her a friend and colleague," wrote NBC News' Bradd Jaffy on Twitter.

Mitchell herself joked about the comment during her sign-off on Wednesday's edition of the show. "And that does it for this 'unruly' edition of 'Andrea Mitchell Reports,'" she said.

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