Boy brings balloon to his twin's grave, sings to his brother on their 10th birthday


An Alabama boy opted to spend his 10th birthday with his twin by visiting the brother who should have been celebrating alongside him in the only place he could: His grave.

Walker Myrick rang in his milestone birthday by bringing a Mickey Mouse balloon to the final resting place of his brother Willis, his mother Brooke Myrick told

She and Walker sang "happy birthday" at their loved one's headstone, which Walker embraced after saying, "Love you, Willis."

The pair had gone to see The Lego Batman Movie before visiting their late son and brother, she said.

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"It was just me and him in the whole theater," Myrick told "We laughed and just spent time together."

See photos of Walker visiting his brother's grave:

Much of the day was spent talking about Willis, who passed away in the womb from twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), a disease of the placenta that affects identical twin pregnancies.

"So many people know now about it," Myrick said of the tragic disease, which she has spoken out about. "We just hope babies across the world might be saved and it will all be worth it to our family."

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Walker often visits his brother, and in 2012, he was photographed leaning against Willis' grave chatting about his first day of kindergarten.

"It gave me a sense of peace to see he picked up a connection with his brother," Myrick previously told of that day. "He feels like his brother watches over him. He's always felt that way."

Taking to social media to write her sons a letter on what should have been both their birthdays, Myrick wrote: "I promise Willis we will never exclude you or forget you... You are part of the family, and ten years later I know you have been missing but sometimes, even just for a second I almost forget. Because your name is [spoken] daily."

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