Twitter runs with Hillary Clinton's photobomb during Trump's White House tour surprise

President Donald Trump surprised guests and some eager reporters on Tuesday morning when he made a surprise appearance during a White House tour.

The tour group -- the first to enter the White House since the Trump administration's multi-week long hiatus following his Inauguration -- met his visit with cheers as he appeared from behind a room divider.

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In the clip of the visit, the president can be seen calling upon a student as he emerges, posing for photos on the ground floor of the White House in a stone hallway below the East Room.

But Twitter seemed to be agonizing over one small detail while in the hallway: a large portrait of Hillary Clinton that sat on the wall behind Trump.

See Twitter reactions to this story:

Twitter reactions to Trump's surprise visit
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Twitter reactions to Trump's surprise visit
@markknoller @PresidentCheeto OMG LMAO - this is Golden. I want to print this out & frame it. Did he even look behind him???
@markknoller He really just wants to be a Palm Beach society hostess.
@markknoller lock her up!
@markknoller I forecast a @realDonaldTrump eruption when he sees that picture.
@markknoller #Trump looks like he's about to belt-out "Volare."
@markknoller someone please print this out and post it everywhere! 😂
@markknoller DID he tell the kids how he's screwing the climate won't b suitable to thrive or b healthy he took clean water away as well.
@markknoller he doesn't have a clue does he?
@markknoller behind every president there is a strong successful #femaleleader
@markknoller he is so crass. What a 💩
@markknoller brilliant photo op @realDonaldTrump
@markknoller @Hadas_Gold This is a notable picture bc it's the first candid shot where his mouth is closed.
@markknoller They need to take that photo down. seriously
@markknoller @Hadas_Gold why, WHY does he always look terminally constipated?
@markknoller @Hadas_Gold Even though she was shorter, Hillary always looked down on Trump.

Some Twitter users speculated that the president was oblivious to the photo.

Others likened him to a Palm Beach society hostess.

And some took the opportune moment to revive the infamous "lock her up" chant from the 2016 election.

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