Man caught on surveillance trying to kill boss three times in same day: Police

HIALEAH, Florida (KIAH) -- Talk about a bad day at the office!

This shocking surveillance video shows just what happened after Reynaldo Mendez fired his employee Osorio Reyes for drinking on the job.

Mendez agreed to meet Reyes after work to discuss the initial firing but was assaulted by Reyes with a knife.

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Man caught on surveillance trying to kill boss
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Man caught on surveillance trying to kill boss

"I don't know why they agreed to meet. They were two men who wanted to settle a dispute the old fashioned way I guess," Hialeah Police Department's Carl Zogby said.

Mendez managed to kick the knife out of Reyes' hand and pick up a rock to defend himself. In the process he knocks out Reyes and runs to call the police.

While Mendez was calling the police Reyes woke up, jumped in his truck and tried to run him over.

"The fence saved his life because he bounces off the fence then you see him run him over again. After Reyes drove away, Mendez drove himself to the hospital, was treated for minor injuries and went home," Zogby said. "He is in pain, but he is fine. He got lucky because he could have died three times that day."

Reyes is behind bars and facing second degree attempted murder.

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