Just 63 amazing animal photos from the Department of the Interior's archives

Nature is wild.

The Department of the Interior covers the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Mangement and the United States Geological Survey, all of which have employees that spend a significant amount of time enjoying public lands. Many of them have captured gorgeous photos of wildlife over the years. Here are some of their best shots of wildlife in honor of World Wildlife Day.

Unreal animal photos from the Department of the Interior
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Unreal animal photos from the Department of the Interior

A great blue heron spears a carp for a meal. 

(Photo by Lloyd Bush / USFWS)

This Great Horned Owl is enduring cold drizzly weather to cover up her two young owlets in her nest. 

(Photo by Dennis Demcheck, USGS)

A roadrunner near Lake Mohave was captured by a Bureau of Reclamation camera trap.

(Photo by Bureau of Reclamation)

A juvenile owl looks impressive, especially when surprised by a nosy photographer.

(Photo by Nicole Hornslein / USFWS)

A Mexican spotted owlet looks on as its photo is taken.

(Photo by NPS Photo/Sarah Stio)

A baby desert tortoise peeks out of its shell.

(Photo by K. Kristina Drake, USGS)

Two egrets interact in the wild.

(Photo by Velvet Shearer / USFWS)

Two Northern Spotted owlets sit on a branch.

(Photo by USFWS)

A black footed ferret kit yawns.

(Photo by Kimberly Tamkun / USFWS)

Why did these two porcupines cross the road? We may never know.

(Photo by NPS Photo/ Alex Vanderstuyf)

This picture was taken when the elk calf was just 25 minutes old at Mammoth Hot Springs.

(Photo by Jim Peaco)

A bald eagle family at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Pennsylvania.

(Photo by Bill Buchanan/USFWS)

An orca leaps out of the water in Kenai Fjords National Park.

(NPS Photo/ Paige Calamari)

At six weeks old, this eagle isn’t anywhere near old enough to go bald.

(Photo by USFWS; Jeremy N. Moore)

Loggerhead sea turtles on the North Carolina coast.

(Photo by Dawn Childs, USGS)

A baby Sonoran Desert tortoise set against a backdrop of prickly pear cacti.

(Photo via USFWS)

Sandhill cranes dancing at sunset.

(Photo via NPS/Patrick Myers)

A golden eagle chick is photographed in its nest.

(Photo via NPS)

Two young mountain lions ended up treed (or fenced) by a group of coyotes. The standoff ended peacefully, with the mountain lions spotted with their mother soon afterwards.

(Photo by Lori Iverson / USFWS)

A seal pup nuzzles its mother in Antarctica.

(Photo by William A Link/USGS)

A seal pup in Antarctica, photographed by a USGS scientist doing research there.

(Photo by William A Link/USGS)

A black bear checks out the information station at a trailhead.

(Photo by Will Harmon)

Two moose wander onto a National Park recreation area. No word on the final score.

(Photo by NPS Photo/Nathan Kostegian)

Right now they look soft and cuddly, but grizzlies can grow to be absolutely huge.

(Photo by NPS / Jacob W. Frank)

A Caribou runs across a mountain in Denali National Park

(NPS Photo / Daniel A. Leifheit)

A red fox near Highway Pass in Denali National Park.

(Photo by NPS / Jacob W. Frank)

The first seal pup of the 2015 season, spotted at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

(Photo by BLM volunteer Pam Rivers)

A bobcat kitten dubbed B327 in the Santa Monica Mountains.

(Photo via NPS)

A bison and her calf at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.

(Photo by Doreen Van Ryswyk/USFWS)

There are two different kinds of turtle in this picture taken at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. The larger one is a spiny softshell turtle. The smaller ones are false map turtles.

(Photo via USFWS)

A mother—Jo-Jo—and her foal, part of a herd of wild horses in Assateague National Park.

(Photo via NPS)

A young bog turtle that was measured and microcipped in an effort to identify it in the future as part of ongoing research in the area.

(Photo by Gary Peeples/USFWS)

A crane leaps away from an alligator.

(Photo via Garry Tucker, USFWS)

A female mountain lion cub in Southern California.

(Photo via NPS)

The photographer braved days of smell to capture this picture.

(Photo by K. Theule/ USFWS)

Owls like these make their homes in abandoned prairie dog dens.

(Photo by U.S. Army / Rich Keen, DPRA inc.)

A pair of elk in Great Sand Dunes National Park.

(Photo by NPS/Patrick Myers)

A bull elk in Gardner River in Yellowsotne National Park.

(Photo by Diane Renkin)

A family of goats in Olympic National Park.

(Photo via NPS)

A white weasel spotted in the Bear River Refuge.

(Photo by Jana M. Cisar / USFWS)

These three screech owls are being carefully rehabilitated after trauma to their eyes.

(Photo via NPS)

A ground squirrel spotted in Glacier National Park.

(NPS Photo by Jon Riner)

A raccoon in Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge.

(Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWS)

Every day is groundhog day for this flower-chomping critter in Shenandoah National Park.

(Photo via NPS)

A horned lizard small enough to fit in a hand was found during a survey near Burns, Oregon.

(Photo by Joel Herzberg/BLM Oregon)

Sandhill cranes gather at the water’s edge at San Luis Lake in Great Sand Dunes National Park.

(Photo by NPS/Patrick Myers)

A bison herd at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife refuge grew from 16 to over 80 in just a few years.

(Photo by John Carr / USFWS)

A prairie dog jump-yips in front of its companions.

(Photo by Rich Keen, DPRA)

Sparky the bison, who was struck by lightning is alive and well.

(Photo by USFWS)

A grizzly bear and her cub were photographed in Yellowstone National Park.

(Photo by Frank van Manen​, ​USGS)

A grizzly bear plays in Denali National Park.

(Photo by NPS / Jacob W. Frank)

A moose and calf in the early morning fog.

(Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWS)

A ewe and lambs in Denali National Park.

(Photo by NPS, Alaska)

Meet Guamá, an orphaned manatee found near Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

(Photo by Jan Paul Zegarra, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, USFWS)

A northern hawk owl shows off its talons in the black cottonwood forest.

(Photo by Lisa Hupp/USFWS)

A traffic jam caused by Bison in Yellowstone National Park.

(Photo by Neal Herbert)

An owl in Oregon near Newell Creek.

(Photo by Tara Martinak, BLM Oregon)

Fox pups emerge from their den in Yellowstone National Park.

(Photo by Jim Peaco)

An otter rests in some kelp.

(Photo by Lilian Carswell/USFWS)

A deer poses pristinely in Glacier National Park.


A fox spotted in Bering Land Bridge National Park.

(Photo via NPS)

An american avocet chick takes a break and hides from predators on a beach.

(Photo by Lisa Cox/USFWS)

Wildlife in Denali National Park.

(NPS Photo / Ken Conger)


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