Three-legged dog finds forever home with boy who lost his leg to cancer


Quinn and his rescue pit bull mix Logan are a match made in heaven.

Just two years ago, the 12-year-old California boy had to have his leg and hip amputated after receiving a tragic cancer diagnosis -- but immediately after his procedure, he knew just the 'medicine' that would make recovery easier for him.

"Right after my surgery, I wanted a dog with three legs," Quinn told KTXL. "That was the first thing I said when I woke up."

After an extensive online search, Quinn's mom Teresa was able to find the perfect three-legged dog via Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter's Facebook page.

But after pulling her son out of school early and making the trek from Napa to Sacramento, the pair was heartbroken to learn that someone else had already reserved Logan, a pit bull mix that was picked up as a stray with a broken leg that had to be amputated.

"They were disappointed but decided to wait," Gina Knepp, a volunteer at Front Street Animal Shelter, told KTXL. "So they say down and waited and the woman changed her mind."

The two fighters became instant friends during an incredibly emotional adoption at the shelter and, luckily for us, the whole thing was captured on film.

"When I saw him and the dog together the immediate reaction was a welling of tears, there were a lot of tears yesterday, joyful tears," Knepp said of the sweet encounter.

Quinn's mom says her son has actually battled cancer twice, starting from when he was just a baby, and while treatments can be lonely and isolating, she's glad he now has a trusty companion to help him through.