Reuters 2016 Photojournalist of the Year


Each year the Thomas Reuters Foundation awards one photographer Photojournalist of the Year. While the entire Reuters photography staff contains some of the most talented photographers, one man's imagery from 2016 stood out from the rest: Damir Sagolj. Sagolj spent the past year documenting the on-going drug war in the Philippines and North Korea's congress.

His coverage of the current crisis is the Philippines reveals the heart-breaking effect on those who have lost loved ones throughout Duterte's war on drugs as well as the terror that plagues the streets riddled with gunfire.

In North Korea, he captures the excitement and protests in response to North Korea's first congress in 36 years. The congress is the highest form of authority one can have in the Workers' Party of Korea -- also known as WPK -- so by inevitably electing Kim Jong Un as the head of congress his already dominating power will reach even further.

Amid these two critical stories, Sagolj has managed to balance his tear-jerking photographs with beautiful glimpses into the lives of others as well as his incredible use of light.

Congratulations Damir Sagolj, your talent and commitment to educating the world is greatly appreciated.

WARNING: The gallery below includes images that may be disturbing to some

See some of Sagolj's best photographs below: