Florida man allegedly steals Nickelback drummer's identity

By Troy Frisby, Buzz60

Despite selling millions of albums, saying you like Nickelback is the rough equivalent to saying you hate Beyonce or think Artpop is the best Lady Gaga album.

But there's one Florida man who's clearly not embarrassed to be associated with Canadian Creed.

Lee Howard Koenig is such a big fan of Nickelback that he allegedly pretended to be one of them.

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People reports the 45-year-old reportedly attempted to purchase nearly 25 grand in drum microphones under the name Daniel Adair.

Adair, who happens to be the drummer in Nickelback, was contacted by the Austrian company who received the order.

Koenig was arrested by Port St. Lucie Police on fraud-related felony charges.

People quotes the documents, which state, "it was also noted that Daniel Adair does not live in Florida."

To which Florida responded, "We may be Florida, but at least no one from Nickelback lives here."

The best part is, after authorities tracked down the IP address, Adair reportedly channeled his inner Nancy Drew and found that Koenig used almost the exact same drum set-up in a couple of local bands.

Sounds like Nickelback just needs to fire up the Mystery Machine and they've got themselves a TV show.

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