'Dobby' the baby giraffe standing tall after plasma boost


Denver Zoo's baby giraffe 'Dobby' is nursing again and his blood levels are looking better after having a transfusion of plasma Sunday to get his antibody levels back to normal.

"Dobby's been a little bit more work than other babies just because we had a little bit of a medical issue with him and his blood looks a little better than it did before," Zookeeper Amanda Faliana said. "The first day he was having a little bit of issues. He wasn't suckling so we assist fed him fed him at noon and by two he was eating on his own and we haven't had to do anything since."

Dobby was born last Tuesday and came as a surprise. His mother, Kipele, was on birth control and zookeepers didn't know she was pregnant until the week before.

The baby giraffe is 5-feet tall and weighs 73 pounds, which is small as babies usually weigh 150 pounds.

Dobby's father, Dikembe, was born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, which has been helping take care of Dobby.