After falling just steps from their Rhode Island home, tragedy struck 97-year-old twins who were trapped outside all night


Two elderly twin sisters froze to death on Saturday after they both fell and were stranded overnight just steps outside one of their homes.

Jean Haley tried desperately to call for help after she noticed her sister, Martha Williams, had also fallen, Barrington Police told WHIO.

The 97-year-old sisters had just returned to Haley's home after having dinner with their 89-year-old sister.

They said Williams was headed to her car to leave when she fell down near the near of the vehicle.

WHIO reports that when Haley attempted to re-enter her home to call for help, police say she may have tripped on a rug in the garage and fallen.

A neighbor found the twins after a long night of freezing temperatures. They were rushed to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence in critical condition, but died shortly after.

Police Chief John LaCross told WHIO that the deaths are a "tragic loss." The family has not released an official statement.