Morehouse president calls Trump administration's meetings with HBCUs 'troubling'

A head of a black college who met with President Trump and other officials earlier this week has called the experience "troubling."

On Wednesday, Morehouse College President John Wilson Jr., shared his thoughts about the White House's approach to historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, in an open letter on the school's website.

He writes, in part, that "...all HBCU presidents were invited to a dialogue with President Trump and his new administration about support for HBCUs. Most of the 104 HBCU presidents attended..."

Despite their high hopes about increased funding, Wilson says that "the key change is a symbolic shift of the White House HBCU Initiative from the Department of Education to the White House. It is not possible to measure the impact of this gesture anytime soon, if ever."

According to PBS NewsHour, Trump's executive order does not indicate federal funding levels but focuses on components like infrastructure improvements, jobs for students, and private sector support.

Wilson then adds that when Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gave a speech linking HBCUs with school choice, she "struck a discordant note."

However, despite any inaccuracies, he says, "...that does not mean she should be diminished or dismissed....I get the strong sense that she wants to get this job right."

He then sums up the experience by writing, "In general, the meetings were a troubling beginning to what must be a productive relationship."

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