Rep. Maxine Waters claims Trump officials' ties with Russia 'will lead to impeachment'


A Democratic Congresswoman from California has said that the ongoing controversy over the Trump administration's ties with Russia, in her words, "will lead to impeachment of the president."

On Thursday, Rep. Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC to argue that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from overseeing the investigation into the matter.

He did so later that day after admitting that he had two meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak which he did not disclose to the Senate, reports the New York Times.

During her interview, Waters also called for Sessions to resign, claiming that he "cannot be impartial."

She then recommended that Democrats continue to investigate the Trump team's contacts with Russia, telling host Craig Melvin, "...we got to drill down. We've got to connect the dots. And we've got to follow the money."

She added, "Remember, I've been saying this for a long time and even though some people didn't like it, I said that I believe that if we do the work, it will lead to impeachment of the president. And I still mean that."


When Melvin followed up on this idea of impeachment, Waters said, in part, "The goal is to drill down, as I have said repeatedly. Get the facts. Connect the dots. Find out why all of this interest is in Russia, all of these people in this administration that are connected....When you do that, I think it leads to impeachment."

Last month, Waters suggested Trump was heading towards an impeachment, a move which House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi downplayed at the time.

Waters also refused to attend his address to Congress on Tuesday, telling the Los Angeles Times earlier in the day that "I don't honor this president. I don't respect this president. And I'm not joyful in the presence of this president, and so I will not be attending tonight."